Happy Earth Week From Dotifi Domains ! With Earth Friendly Hosting Even Martians Love !

Happy Earth Week From Dotifi Domains ! With Earth Friendly Hosting Even Martians Love !

It’s Not Easy Being Green…Or is it?
Give Mother Nature a Big Hug from Us!

It’s Earth Week and we couldn’t be more excited here at Dotifi Hosting! In celebration, we’re running a sale with prices up to 77% off! Plus for every package sold we’ll plant two trees! We’re also excited to announce some of our other green initiatives below:

15 Year Partnership – We’ve been partnered with Carbonfund.org for 15 years in an effort to offset some of our servers’ CO2 emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. They are a leading organization in the fight against global climate change and their work centers on reforestation and promoting energy efficiency.


Solid State Disk Drives (SSDs) and NVMe SSD Drives – SSDs and NVMe SSD’s use less energy than traditional HDDs. We’re proud to offer more efficient hardware!
Recycling Old Servers – Our retired hardware is used as internal servers, dedicated servers for clients with lower resource requirements, or is resold to the public after clearing data, of course.
Telecommuting – Dotifi Hosting’s employees work remotely rather than commuting into an office. In the last year we saved about 705 tons of CO2 by skipping the daily commute!


Saving Electricity – By not powering an office building we’ve saved over 960,000 kWh of electricity in the last year.
Limiting Water Usage – Working remotely has also allowed us to save over 1,305,00 gallons of water this year.
Limiting Natural Gas Usage – Plus not powering an office building allowed us to limit our natural gas usage and we were able to conserve over 1,152,000 cubic square feet of natural gas.

Online Communications – Finally, our company communicates solely through digital means. By skipping the printer we’ve saved over one million sheets of paper this year.

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